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 The Other Kids

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PostSubject: The Other Kids   The Other Kids Icon_minitimeWed Aug 11, 2010 3:27 am

The title had a rather omnious feel to it, but what the heck: Here I'll list the other kids part of the orphanage, their age and generally what Little Light knows about them (what he thinks about them is up to you of course) These people are not described in painful detail, the reason being simply that Little Light knows little about them. There are a few, though, he gets along with better than the others, and those are of course, a little more detailed.

Aaron (nickname: Navy); The leader of the pack due to his age; soon-to-be-17 years old (he keeps reminding everyone), Navy is a stubborn, but admitably intelligent teen with a knack for sports and anything even remotely army-like. He loves and adores the British Army, especially the navy (and thus, his nickname), sporting an impressive collection of model ships, supposedly build by his father, an(also supposedly) ex-marine.

Elin (nickname: Barmy); They say she's a nutter, but few truly know her. Barmy, the 15 year old, scruffy-looking girl, is a bit of a legend amongst the orphans for being the only one thus far that has managed to trick, outwit and even on occation win fights against the grown-ups. Despite this, she's not exactly popular - she has a tendency to pick fights with the other kids as well, and never starts conversation with anyone, even rarely responding to any comment thrown at her. She has a room of her own, on the far end of the attic, often sitting there for hours upon end for no concivable reason.

Billy (nickname: Bobby); Bobby, one of the youngest at 12, is a pretty nice kid - unfortunatly. He's so nice it borders on lunacy; even when harassed by other kids he smiles and never fights back; One time, when Blunt kicked him hard in the shins, all he did was lie down and eventually carried himself up again as Blunt lost interest. Even his nickname was a bad joke thrown at him, but it kinda stuck, even for himself. Bobby gives freely of what little he has to the other kids, seemingly never eating his own candy. There are rumors though, saying that every night, Bobby cries himself to sleep. Bobby's not very bright - he has a hard time concentrating on his studies and failing a lot of tests. Smarmy has taken on herself to help Bobby, but so far he doesn't seem to be interested in any help, and keep telling everybody he's "fine".

Raymond (nickname: Quid); Quid is, without a doubt, the best pocket-thief in a three-mile radius - or so he claims. There could be some truth to this statement though, as the 14 year old always seems to have money or means to get them, and then in turnoften smuggle in items to the other kids, something he frequently does without wanting anything - important - in return (mostly he cashes in on "favors"). Raymond is an outspoken and popular individual amongst the orphans, often talking and definitly boasting about his talents or the lack of any "real" entertainment (and by this he usually means pornographic material). He tells tall tales, something everyone knows, but bears with.

Kevin (nickname: Blunt); The 14 year old bully and muscle of the orphanage, everybody has at one point fought against Blunt, and most have lost. Blunt is tall and bulky, and loves candy (especially jellybeans), often stealing from the other kids unless he can get some from Quid. Blunt is used at getting what he wants, and if he doesn't, he usually takes it by force. The only known exception to this was when Barmy got a nice tape-recorder for Christmas that Blunt really wanted. After the attempted thievery, Blunt was seen running through the hallways with a gaping wound to his forehead. Though no one knows for sure what happened, Blunt has never tried taking anything from Barmy ever again, and keeps avoiding her whenever possible. It's actually after this incident that people, on Blunt's initiative, began calling her Barmy in the first place.

Timmy (nickname: Whiz); Whiz is the smartest kid on the block, and nobody doubts that. He's the only one that understands complex mathematics and loves solving difficult problems, often taking great delight in talking with the adults about "serious matters" (whatever he means by that). Whiz is unusually adult for a 13 year old, for the most part serious and does not respond well to joking around (unless it is sarcasm). Is a frequent target of Blunts fists, which he tries to, but mostly fails to defend himself against. A good friend of Navy and Smarmy.

Sarah (nickname: Smarmy); Smarmy, at 13 years old, has a way with adults; maybe it's her charming voice, her cute, innocent smile or her perky demeanor; whatever it is, people, not just adults, find her very cute and convincing, mostly always listening to her. She's been a real heroine for many of the orphans thus far, convincing the adults to outright forget about punishing the kids after many, many transgressions. She's also the only one that seems to somehow be in control of Blunt, as he's unwilling to attack anyone when she's around and often gets awfully quiet (he definitly has a crush on her, the rumors say). Smarmy is a very cheerful girl, often whistling a tune and wanting to talk and help out in the orphanage, thus making her very popular. She hangs out a lot with both Navy and Whiz, but also, as pretty much the only one, talks and hangs out a lot with Ally.

Albert (nickname: Ally, Albertuesque, Schtum or Queer, depending on whether you know him or despise him) Ally is the quiet kid, the real quiet one. At least Barmy talks once in a while - Ally, the silent 13 year old, never talks, often just signaling with his head or hands what he wants. He usually just sticks to a corner of the room, observing the other kids or looking down into a book, intensely focused either way. Socially, he always seem awkward, often blushing for just standing close to other people. He is rumored to be gay, but since most rumors are plotted out by Blunt, few take this accusation seriously.

Rinna (nickname: Dove); Dove, at 14 years old, is the beauty of the orphans, and she knows it. Everything she does is elegant, or at least percieved as such. It literarily takes hours for her to do her hair, and she does not hesitate to wear a lot of makeup. She's the only orphan that still has a parent, her mom, though everybody also know that said mother is an alchoholic and rarely visits without being drunk as a skunk, much to Dove's emberassment. It is rumored she has had sex, and with an adult at the orphanage at that, but no one knows for sure. She hangs a lot around with Annie and Frenchie, her 12 year old friends, that seem to adore her.
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The Other Kids
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