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 The Main Character!

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PostSubject: The Main Character!   The Main Character! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 8:49 pm

So here you go, Celevon! Do your thing and make me a character based on the following points. There are only two things already set in stone:
a) You are an orphan, more or less raised by the orphanage together with you fellow inmates for at least ten years.
b) You are about 14 years old, as are most of the other kids you know. Age is somewhat flexible thought; you could be anything from 12 to 16 if you'd rather want to.
So, building on that, give me some more...

1. A story. What made your character the dude/dudette he/she is today? What has happened to him up to this point? Any past events that has significantly formed this character? Does he/she even know his/her parents? Who does he know about the city, if anything?

2. Feats. Is your character strong? Smart? Charismatic? Good with hamsters? Choose as many as you'd like, but please act within reason. Remember that you're creating a character you want to have fun with, and while realism isn't alwayes fun, too much dumb stuff makes everything dumb. And if you're good at everything, what's the challenge? Right, there is none. And really, is that fun?

3. Motivations (tied with Story). What does your character want to accomplish? What's his or her goal in life? This is not exactly required, but would give you somthing to focus on.

4. Weaknesses. Also not required per say, but encouraged. Truly interesting characters are those that struggle and win against odds.

5. Inventory. Within reason, naturally. Makes no sense that a kid owns a deagle, for example. In fact, since you're from an orphanage, there's little you truly own. But some personal and meaningful items would definitly fit.

6. Almost forgot: Appearance. Just give me a general idea if you want, but I'd appriciate if you could be as detailed as possible. And yes, appearance does matter.

Finally, as a piece of advice: Though you might have found the concept for the coolest character evah, ask yourself is this is a character you really can play. Interesting characters are only as interesting as how they are played.

If I disagree or dislike with aspects of your character, I'll tell you and we can discuss it.
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PostSubject: Character: Zack (Nicknamed "Little Light")   The Main Character! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 11, 2010 1:32 am

a) Orphan, raised by the orphanage together with his fellow inmates for at least ten years.
b) Soon to be 14 year old.

1. A story. People who meet Little Light don't seem to think the tough street-life has made its mark on him, unlike most other orphans. But his cheerful fašade and brilliant smile sometimes hides the sorrow of a friendless childhood. He was found by the church-door at three years old, and knows nothing of his parents - not even their names. The Orphanage was a cold place, which supplied only the bare necessaries. For everything else, Little Light was forced to steal, an occupation he showed a lot of promise in. Because of his "unhealthy hobby", Little Light knows a lot about the hideaways and alleys around the city.

2. Feats. Very quick on his feet and superb reflexes. Can keep a calm head in most situations, and sly and cunning when it's necessary. Small and lithe, he's been the orphanage's most successful pickpocket through its short history. His innocence (as in looks) also tend to work for him in such situations. Is decent with his small throwing knives.

3. Motivations (tied with Story). While he'd like to know about his parents, he has no clues on where to start. Right now his first priority is safety and supplies, but maybe, just maybe, he could find a friend amongst the rest of the apathetic orphans (or elsewhere).

4. Weaknesses. Small and lithe does not make for much strength, and his innocent looks might make adults take him less serious.

5. Inventory. A small bag, containing lockpicks, a change of clothes, basic medic-bag, a small amount of food, and a clutch of throwing knives.

6. Appearance.
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The Main Character!
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